We are always looking for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to volunteer with us! SIRVS is a rapidly growing organization committed to learning from practicing veterinarians while volunteering in tribal communities.

"Know that you have touched my life with your organization in tangible ways. Working with you ALL, even though it has not been many times, has allowed me some introspection and reassessment of my purpose...Those two weekends with SIRVIS  were very important...the leadership, volunteer veterinarians and students literally moved my soul.  You are a light in this dark world. I want to share that gift with others.  I can’t thank you enough." - SIRVS DVM Volunteer

Veterinary volunteers are crucial participants in the clinics’ success. You have the opportunity to volunteer while mentoring future veterinarians. Students work with veterinarians to examine, diagnose, and formulate treatment plans for patients. If surgery interests you, volunteer veterinarians provide one-on-one training in surgical techniques while maintaining a high level of surgical quality.

Veterinarians can volunteer for one or two days on wellness trips or up to eight days on surgical trips. Volunteer opportunities are also available for wet labs or club activities held at the University of Minnesota.